Advance IoT Course On Protocols: 4 Weeks

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"The Internet of Things will be as trans-formative to the world as was the industrial revolution."

On connecting Things to network(Internet), we need protocols for communication and with the development of web and M2M there are many of them available. But the basic issue is which one fits your architecture which requires different layers of connectivity depending on the nature of the endpoints. There is no protocol which can be used for all types on communication required for your IoT architecture.

This bring us to the need to understand the protocols with its pros and cons and deployment models. It also depends on the kind of data you want your protocol to transmit. Join this course for the understanding of different protocols available for IoT and its implementation in your IoT architecture.


The main objective of the course is to not only make new IoT products, but also aspire technical enthusiasts to pace up with the evolving technology. To enhance the zeal among the participants, this course has been designed and fine tuned after teaching 4000 plus students and more than 500 professionals in an offline environment. All the knowledge we obtained is transformed into the online mode to reach the online audience and enhance their learning experience.

This course will be taught by the core team of Frugal Labs having expertise in different domains of IoT(device, protocols, security, application design etc.).

Through video presentations and hands on assignments on the FLIP kit, you will gain an understanding of IoT's potential and discover how to leverage it to benefit your career opportunity and your organization.


This course will be held over the period of 4 weeks, and will include:

  • Video lectures on each topic
  • Quizzes
  • Practical hands on assignments
  • Downloadable material(presentations,codes and user manuals)

Each video module is pre-taped, enabling you to complete it any time before the assigned due date. While you may complete all the assignments in rapid succession, most participants find it beneficial to adhere to the weekly schedule and participate in online discussion forums along the way. There are approximately two-three hours of video every week and you will likely spend an average of four to six hours a week on course-related activities.

A ticket based support system is available on which the participant can raise his or her doubts which will be resolved using email/phone and video call (Skype or Hangout) which ever will be suitable.


IoT Protocols
IoT Protocol Stack Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer
Network Layer Protocols IPv6, IPv4, 6LoWPAN
Transport Layer Protocols TCP, UDP
IoT Communication Models Request-Response, Publish-Subscribe, Push-Pull, Exclusive Pair
Application Protocols HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, XMPP, WebSockets, AMQP, DDS*
Communication API's REST-based, WebSocket-based
Protocol Implementation
IoT Architecture Device - device, Device - Cloud, Device - Gateway, Gateway - Cloud, Cloud – Backend - Applications
Model Discussions Along With Use Cases
Smart Home, Smart Agriculture, Smart Retail Supply, Smart Healthcare, Smart Grid*, Smart Cities*


Participants should have working knowledge of :

  • Arduino / C or C++ programming.
  • Raspiberry Pi / Python programming

If the above conditions are not met, it is recommended that you join our Beginner's IoT Course first, or continue at your own expense.


How to register and pay?

    You can find the registration tab on the site banner at the top. click on it and complete the registration. You need to select a particular domain you want, accordingly a payment link will be sent to you via email and SMS. Once your payment is received on our end we will send you an acknowledgement mail along with details of the course.

How will I get my kit?

    Once we receive your payment, we will courier you the kit using DTDC or India post for India participant. For participants outside India, Fedex or DHL will be used. The shipping details will be shared to you. You will receive it within 14 days.

How to solve my doubts during the course?

    Doubts can be asked via forum, email or chat sessions(Google hangouts). Once the course is over you can still get in touch with us via email.

What if I am not able to complete the course in designated time frame?

    The training portal will be active for 6 months after the course is completed. You can finish it off in that extra time.

Do I get a certificate?

    Yes. There are two certificates, one is 'Certificate of Completion' and another is 'Certificate of Excellence'. The Completion certificate will be an e-certificate and upon successful completion of the course, it will be sent to you via email within a week. The Excellence certificate will be courier to you, if you complete all the tasks on time that will be prescribed during the course.