Prototyping With Arduino

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  5. *Kit price is separate


Any IoT platform will consist of embedded devices, communication modules, gateway devices, cloud and app. The main aim of this course is to teach you how to start working on an embedded device. We at frugal labs have created a complete IoT platform called FLIP (Frugal Labs IoT Platform) and the FLIP hardware is based on the arduino environment. Arduino is the most preferred prototyping platform for beginners to create electronic circuits quickly and test out your concepts. It is completely opensource and has a huge community for support!


This course acts as a pre-requisite to the basic and advanced courses offered by frugal labs. The main aim of this course is to teach you the basics of an IoT embedded device and how to work with the FLIP Base Board or any other arduino based Microcontroller board. The tagline of the course is “Zero to prototyping in a flash!” and this course is aimed at teaching the participants the basics of the arduino environment and how to work with it. If are already familiar with the arduino environment or if you have already worked with the arduino board, you can skip this course.


This course will include:

  • Video lectures on each topic
  • Quizzes
  • Practical hands on assignments
  • Downloadable material(presentations,codes and user manuals)

Each video module is pre-taped, enabling you to complete it any time before the assigned due date. While you may complete all the assignments in rapid succession, most participants find it beneficial to adhere to the weekly schedule and participate in online discussion forums along the way. There are approximately two hours of video every week and you will likely spend an average of four to six hours a week on course-related activities.

Chat sessions will be available to ask individual doubts. Participants can book their slots according to there convenience.


Session 1: Introduction to arduino

  • About the Arduino environment
  • Working with electronic components

Session 2: Working with arduino

  • Digital Output – LED
  • Digital Input – Push Button
  • Analog Output – LED
  • Analog Input – LDR / Light Intensity Sensor

Session 3: Serial Communication with arduino

  • Communication over USB (with PC)
  • Communication over Bluetooth (With mobile app)


You have two options:

Option 1: Purchase the FLIP Starter Kit via Amazon(Kit price: ₹1,499/-)

(Note: The same kit can be used for your other courses with frugal labs like the Basic IoT Course or Advanced IoT courses. You only need to pay the difference amount for the other components needed for the course. Also, discounts will be given to all those who come back to do other courses from us.)

The FLIP Starter Kit includes:

  • FLIP Base Board (Arduino Compatible Board)
  • USB cable
  • Bread Board
  • Jumper Cables (10 Nos.)
  • LED (3 Nos.)
  • Resistors (10k and 1K, 3 Nos. each)
  • Push button (2 Nos.)
  • LDR / light intensity sensor (1 No.)
  • HC05 Bluetooth module (1 No.)

Option 2:

You can use your existing arduino board and other components as mentioned above or create your own kit by purchasing the above mentioned components separately. (Note: FLIP Base Board is an Arduino Compatible board. Any arduino compatible board can be used in its place to do this course.)


Is the course paid / free?

    The course is free of charge. You need to have the starter kit to do the hands on work. If you wish to purchase the starter kit from us, you can register for the course and purchase it from our AMAZON store. Else, you can assemble your own kit or use your existing components. Kindly refer the “kit details” section for more details of the kit.

How to register for the course?

    You can find the registration tab on the site banner at the top. click on it and complete the registration.

How I will get my kit?

    If you have opted to purchase the kit from us, you will be redirected to our amazon india store from which you can order the kit. The payment should be made to amazon and the kit will be delivered by amazon itself. Shipping charges and delivery duration depends on Amazon India.

How to solve my doubts during the course?

    Doubts can be asked via forum, email or chat sessions (Google hangouts). Once the course is over you can still get in touch with us via email.

Do I get a certificate?

    Yes. Once you finish the course, you will receive the “Certificate of course completion”.